Marie-Jeanne e-liquids are produced in France and made from CBD of European origin. Concerned about designing quality products, Marie Jeanne opted for suppliers recognised for their professionalism. Thanks to their location, they are able to offer e-liquids with all natural ingredients from Europe.

The CBD used in Marie-Jeanne e-liquid is the result of many months of R&D and testing. The result is a raw and natural high quality product.

The extraction of the CBD uses a method that guarantees the best purity and natural properties. This operation involves extracting phytochemicals such as CBD, CBG, terpenes or flavonoids from a plant by using carbon dioxide under pressure (CO2). As it is used, CO2 acts as a solvent and is considered to be the most efficient and safest method of extracting from plants. It is also the most expensive.

Marie Jeanne CBD is also subject to regular quality checks by an independent laboratory before our supplier allows departure of the goods. You can rest assured that Marie Jeanne CBD products are of the absolute highest quality available on the market.

Marie Jeanne CBD E-Liquid

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