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CBDfx CBD Mini Vape Kit Replacement Pods

Already grabbed a CBDfx Mini Vape Kit? Make sure you also stock up on refillable pods so that you can mix and match, swap flavours, and ensure you’re never without a refreshing puff of CBD when you need it.

Pack contents:

3 x 1.0ml empty cbd e-liquid pods (kit not included)
For use with the CBDfx CBD Mini Vape Kit pictured below


How do I use a refillable CBD vape pod?

To use refillable vape pods, all you need to do is fill the pod with up to 1mL of your favourite CBD vape juice. Then, attach the pod to your CBDfx Mini Vape Kit and simply vape away as usual!

How long will these pods last?

Pod lifespan is dependent on your personal vaping frequency. If you use your vape often and require several refills per day, then the lifespan will be shorter. However, even under these conditions, these pods would provide you with lengthy usage.