Harmony TEMPO Starter Kit

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Starter Kit


The Harmony TEMPO delivers an amazing CBD experience. This device provides excellent flavour while being graceful, compact and leak-proof. This lightweight device has a 310mAh battery, despite its small size. Being draw activated, you'll never have to worry about pressing a button or turning the device off.


The TEMPO makes on the go vaping extremely easy and convenient while providing a satisfying vaping experience. The TEMPO can be charged using the micro-USB port found at the bottom of the device, with an LED light to indicate the status of the battery.

Optional Refilling

The option to refill the TEMPO pods is available up to 4 times, before replacing it with a new pre-filled pod. Less waste and a wider selection of E-LIquids to use.

Design and Battery

The strong stainless steel that makes up the exterior of the device, protects it from day to day drops and damages. A light will appear as you take a puff and will also show when the device is close to running out of battery. It takes less than an hour to charge the device completely, which can last up to a day.

How to Refill the TEMPO pod

Gently pull the pod out of the battery and open the silicone door at the bottom. Do not pull and detach the silicone plug.
Take your favorite Harmony CBD e-liquid and push it into the refilling port.
Fill the pod. Don’t overfill it.
Wait 5 minutes after filling the pod to prime
Vape and Enjoy!
-     Do not vape if the pod is empty.
-     If you have a burnt taste, change to a new pod.
-     Do not refill the same pod more than 4 times.
-     When you have refilled the pod is not recommended to change the flavor, unless you change from one similar flavour to another.
-     Replace the pod when there is a reduction in the flavour or vapour.
-     Use a USB-cable and a verified 5V charger to charge the battery.
-     This product must not be used by non-smokers, non-vapers or minors.

Replacement pods for this kit

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