Synergy Extracts CBD Vape Cartridge

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Synergy Extracts CBD Vape replacement cartridges contain 500mg of High Terpene 54% CBD with 0% THC content. These 1ml, prefilled cartridges can be added to your existing Synergy Vapes Kit as a spare, or a replacement for your first cartridge.

Exceptional, clean and fresh cannabis flavours are produced from these replacement cartridges that will satisfy the beginner or any true cannabis connoisseur.

“Synergy stands out from the crowd. Their premium Hemp flowers are processed with utmost expertise and patience producing one of the tastiest CBD oil extracts on the market.”
– Cannabis News World –

Please be warned that if you have been a user of other portable Dab Pens that the Synergy Vapes will far surpass the vapour production in a matter of seconds, this precision and immediate vapour production allows from more controlled and accurate dosing, but also large doses for those who prefer to consume CBD this way.


Raspberry Cookies is a delicious and creamy flavour with a hash undertone

Pineapple Express is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, packed full of terpenes such as pinene, trans-nerolidol and linalool, to name but a few.


  • Full spectrum CBD distillate
  • Natural solvent free distilled terpenes
  • 0.0% THC

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